Sailing Norwegian

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Ever heard of freestyle cruising at a Norwegian Cruise?

Freestyle cruising happens to be among the very in-things in the island-hopping market. If you are among those who never believed such a holiday existed, continue reading.

Passengers can choose when they would like to eat, where they would like to consume, or how they would like to eat.

Living accommodation arrangements can be made freestyle also, with Norwegian Cruise’s wide selection of lodging from the biggest suites to extraordinary villas to interconnecting suites and staterooms that virtually match any group size. The line’s complex of villas and deluxe owners’ treats are aptly dubbed as having your ship in a ship. These resorts offer luxurious and spacious bedrooms, world-class resort type baths, sundeck, pool, exercise area, and a dedicated butler all conveniently situated on a private deck of this boat.

With Norwegian Cruise, you’re also able to design the sort of fun and amusement you want as the line gets the youngest, technologically innovative, and higher tech fleet to provide you a truly innovative and unforgettable experience on board. The fun never stops with a diverse selection of nightlife, family fun and games, beach trips, and far more. On top of that, you can be assured that the Norwegian’s staff and crew won’t ever pull you off your bed merely to queue for an on-shore tour. The freedom to choose is put at the maximum premium on these trips which you may freely opt to go with the group for a tour or just lounge in your bed the entire trip… of course, that would not be fun whatsoever.

This landmark service attribute of Norwegian Cruise truly exemplifies the very essence of going on a cruise: freestyle living with no hassles or even the smallest hint of compulsion in the staff and team is certainly the way to go.

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